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Xinqing Zhang

Dr. Zhang is an associate professor of Center for Bioethics and Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, at Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking Union of Medical Collage(PUMC) /Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(CAMS). He got his Ph.D. at Center for Social Studies of Science at Peking University in 2005. Dr Zhang was a research ethics fellow at Harvard School of Public Health from July 2003 to August 2004. He was also a British Academy Fellow based at Sussex University from December 2009 until the end of March 2010.

Dr. Zhang’s current research interests focus on three categories: i) the social and ethical reflection on health care system from a comparative perspective, ii) the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of Human Genome Research and its implication, iii) ethical review systems and ethical capacity building. In the past five years, Dr. Zhang has conducted several surveys about ethical and regulatory issues concerning human gene therapy, genetic databases, and the attitudes of Chinese medical workers towards patient-physician relations, and job satisfaction.


Recent Publications include:

Zhang ,Xinqing and Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner ( 2011). Tensions between Medical Professionals and Patients in Mainland China Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics,20(3): 458-465.

Zhang, Xinqing,Kenji Matsui,Benjamin Krohmal,Alaa Abou-Zeid ,Vasantha Muthuswamy,Young-Mo Koo,Yoshikuni Kita and Reidar K. Lie (2010). Attitudes towards transfers of human tissue samples across borders: An international survey of researchers and policy makers in five countries,BMC Medical Ethics, 11:16.

Zhang Xinqing (2010). Reflection on Family Consent: Based on a Pregnant Death in a Beijing Hospital Developing World Bioethics;  1471- 8847.

Zhang Xinqing, WANG Hongqi, and CHEN Xiaoyang (2009). Survey result on the practical status of China’s medical professionals Keji Dobao (Science and Technology Review) . 18:118-119.

Matsui K, Abou-Zeid A, Zhang Xinqing, et al. (2009). Informed Consent to Future Researchon Stored Tissue Samples: the Views of Researchers, Ethics Review Committee Members and Policy Makers in Five Non-Western Countries. Asian Bioethics Review;1:401-16.

Zhang, Xinqing (2008) Bioethical Regulation and Human Genetic Databases in Mainland China: a National Survey among scientists and regulators on consent issues and benefit-sharing.  Human Genetic Biobanks in Asia Politics of Trust and Scientific Advancement, edited by Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner. Routledge.

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