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Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (PI)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMargaret Sleeboom-Faulkner is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sussex. Her work focuses on nationalism and processes of nation-state building in China and Japan and on biotechnology and society in East Asia. Sleeboom-Faulkner currently directs the ERC-funded project ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ (2012-2017), after having led the Socio-genetic Marginalization in Asia Programme (SMAP, 2004-2009) and the Sussex team of the joint research project ‘International Science and Bioethical Collaborations’ (ISBC, 2007-2010) with Cambridge and Durham Universities.

For the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ project, Sleeboom-Faulkner’s field research will especially involve the delineation of stem cell research and therapy networks in China and Japan. In China, she hopes to concentrate on the area around Shanghai, and will trace connections between the Taizhou biobank and the biobanking network that is being set up in Shanghai.

In addition, Sleeboom-Faulkner will be exploring existing stem cell research experimentation in the area. She is also interested in the various links that some Chinese research centres have with a transnational network that have their origins in India and Japan.


Sleeboom-Faulkner is the author of various monographs on East Asia, including:

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Shaping the Reforms, Academia and China (CASS) (1977-2003). Brill Academic Publishers, 2007)

Academic Nations in China and Japan: Framed by concepts of nature, culture and the universal (Routledge/Curzon, Nissan Series, Oxford 2004)


She is also the editor of various collected volumes and special issues on aspects of biotechnology in Asia, including:

Frameworks of Choice: Predictive & Genetic Testing in Asia, University ofAmsterdam Press, 2010

Human Genetic Biobanks in Asia:  Politics of Trust and Scientific Advancement. London: Routledge, 2009

Stem Cell Research in Asia: Looking beyond formal regulatory exterior’s, New Genetics and Society, 2011)

The quality of offspring in Asia– the new reproductive technologies, Health, Culture and Sexuality, 2009).


For a full list of publications, see:http://www.sussex.ac.uk/anthropology/research/partnerships/isbc-project/researcherprofiles/margaret_sleeboom-faulkner



E-mail: M.Sleeboom-Faulkner@sussex.ac.uk


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