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Hung-Chieh Chang

 Dr. Hung-Chieh Chang is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ project at the University of Sussex. She joined this project in October 2012, after having finished her PhD in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research project in the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ focuses on the cord blood banking in Asia, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Her study involves the sustainability of cord blood banks in various social contexts, and cord blood banking’s role in the stem cell research and therapy.


Recent Publications and Presentations include:

Hung-Chieh Chang (2014) The third way of umbilical cord blood banking. Nature Biotechnology 32(4): 318 – 319.  Read more …


Hung-Chieh Chang (2014) The normalisation of body gifting in Taiwan. (forthcoming)


Hung-Chieh Chang (2014) The multiplicity of cord blood banks in Taiwan: competition and collaboration. (forthcoming)


Tongnian yanjiu zhong de yanjiu lunli, yanjiu fanfa yu yanjiuzhe juese (Research ethics, methods, and researcher’s roles in childhood studies). In Y. K. Chang (Ed.), Yanjiu ertong/ ertong yanjiu: cong lilun dao shiwe de tianye yanjiu (Research Children/ Children Research: From Theory to Fieldwork) (p. 209-240). Pingtung: National Pingtung University of Education Press. (2010)


Identity construction through social interaction: the dynamics between children of immigrants and children of native Taiwanese in Taiwan. CRFR New Researchers in Families and Relationships Conference, 9 May 2011.


Taiwanese nationalism and children’s national identity in Taiwan. New Directions Conference, University of Edinburgh, 2-3 May 2011.


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