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Adrian Ely

Adrian ElyDr. Adrian Ely is a lecturer at SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex, and Head of Impact and Engagement at the STEPS Centre. Ely’s areas of interest include environmental impacts of GM crops, frameworks for biotechnology regulation, risk and uncertainty in policy-making around new technologies and innovation for sustainable development. He has often adopted a comparative approach, having studied US and EU approaches to the role of science in governance for his DPhil. Ely has been focusing on mainland China since 2007 and retains this interest through his involvement in the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ project. Ely is primarily helping with the methodological design of the projects by drawing on his experience and knowledge of backward-mapping and multi-criteria mapping.


Recent publications include:

Patrick van Zwanenberg, Adrian Ely, Adrian Smith, Chen Chuanbo, Ding Shijun, Maria-Eugenia Fazio, Laura Goldberg (2011) “Regulatory harmonization and agricultural biotechnology in Argentina and China: Critical assessment of state-centered and de-centered approaches”, Regulation and Governance, 5, 166–186.

Chenggang Jin, Adrian Ely, Xiaoyun Liang, Lijie Fang (2011) “Framing a global health risk from the bottom-up: user perceptions and practices around antibiotics in four villages inChina”, Health, Risk and Society 13:5, 433-449.

Patrick van Zwanenberg, Adrian Ely, Adrian Smith (with Chuanbo Chen, Shijun Ding, Chenggang Jin, Xiaoyun Liang, Maria-Eugenia Fazio, Laura Goldberg) “Regulating Technology: Global Harmonisation and Local Realities”, EarthScan, 2011.


E-mail:  a.v.ely@sussex.ac.uk

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